What Defines a Good Workout?

What Defines a Good Workout?

What exactly determines a good workout? Well, a lot of people may say score, speed, winning or losing, and many other possible factors. However, the correct answer is, none of them. Wait what?! Yes, that’s right. None of them.

Wait, wait, wait, Coach John, so you what you’re saying is my score doesn’t define my performance in the gym?

You are absolutely correct! Neither does the weight you use, RX or scaled, none of it. The term relative intensity is one of my favorite when it comes to explaining why CrossFit is so wonderfully diverse and systematically effective. See it does not matter what the outcome is in terms of numbers at the end of a workout, what matters is that on that day, at that very moment, you gave it everything you had, and didn’t leave anything on the table. That is where results come from my friends. You do not have to be fast, strong, or even finish the whole workout in the given amount of time. All that matters, is, for that period of time, that you were working, you gave it everything you had. This is what drives adaptation, and pushes us to become better every single day. With time, strength, speed, and performance will develop. They are fun factors to watch change and grow over time, but they do not determine anything in the present moment.

As a coach, it is my absolute goal to bring out the best version of everyone that I have the opportunity of coaching. CrossFit’s methodology so elegantly allows for infinite scaling options that cater to anyone and everyone of all abilities, enabling the intensity to be added and subtracted as needed. I can teach you all about form, proper movement, and unlock the key to opening up your body after years and years of built up tightness and restrictions, but it is you that brings your best every day. If nothing else sticks in a class, let it be this. Work hard. Work hard for your coach. Work hard for your friends that are right there with you, pushing you. And most importantly work hard for yourself. You are the most important factor in determining your success.

The weight you use does not matter; the scale of the workout you do does not matter. What matters is that, whatever you choose to do, you choose the option that you are going to absolutely kick in the ass and give it everything you have for the 60 minutes you are there, that day, in that moment. These 60 minutes are your time. Forget about everything else in the world, and focus on you, your mind, and doing the best you absolutely can. If you fail, SO WHAT! Where ever you end up, I will be there to give you a virtual high five (or elbows – whatever it is we do now) and congratulate you on a job well done, and so will all your friends that just did the same. Congratulations on making yourself better today. Congratulations for not backing down from a challenge. Congratulations for taking your life in control and conquering it to no end, not giving up until the best possible version of yourself is there and ready to take life by storm.

That my friends, is what determines a good workout.

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