We are more than just a gym. We are a family

It’s a bold statement, but it comes from the heart and is our driving force every day. Everything we do is focused on helping you to enjoy every moment with us and to achieve great results.

Our Passion is in Your Progress

We love nothing more than seeing our clients achieve great things. And we’re always improving what we do. From investing in new equipment to running new classes, we are committed to creating the best fitness experiences for you.

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We’re on a Mission

At CrossFit Ares, we understand that everyone is capable of creating a healthier and more rewarding life.

We’ve built a family that supports one another as we take the steps, day by day, to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Our Promise to You

We celebrate each other’s successes, whether it is a first pull-up or a life milestone, and support one another through all of life’s difficult challenges.

We understand that life is all about community and compassion – and we reach success through those values.

One Awesome Team, So Many Reasons to Get Started

Ready to meet the coaches that have your health, goals and happiness in their sights? We’re focused on helping you to make those big positive changes that will transform your life in so many ways.

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