CrossFit is Hard. Don't quit easily and realize your goals sooner!

CrossFit is Hard. Don't quit easily and realize your goals sooner!

CrossFit is hard. There is no reason to beat around the bush and say it is not hard. However, if it was not hard then it wouldn’t produce the life changing results it does. You have to be ready to experience the hard to achieve the ultimate success for yourself you set out to find. Life is hard. Don't quit easily and realize your goals sooner!

We all reach out to find a solution when we realize there is an issue. 

These are all common issues we encounter in the CrossFit gym that everyday people like yourself seek us out to solve. Often time people think it is enough to sign up and come to class, but realistically it takes dedication. It takes a calculated approach for each individual to make their journey constantly feel fresh, and have a purpose to do the hard things! 

Here are a few simple steps to get yourself organized and on the right track to tackling the difficulty of success. 

Set Small Goals to Make Hard Easier

When doing tough things, setting goals is often the first thing people do, however they are often immense goals that never get realized overnight, in a week, or even in a year. That is the nature of it. The gym is the only place in the world you can’t cheat the success. You have to consistently put the work in to reap the benefits, but thinking like that is often difficult to grasp and puts you on the fast track to failure.

Try setting small goals off of your big goals. For example, if you goal is to lose 20lbs, then ask yourself what can I do this month? What can I do this week? What can I do today? What can I do right now to get closer to that goal? 

As humans we live off of endorphins. They feel good! If we set a goal to large and only focus on the day in and day out of not seeing those results, we lose those endorphins and we lose focus and end up quitting. If our goals are small enough along the journey, we can see success more often and get those endorphins. Then at that point we no longer see the negative in failure, but see the success we are making in small doses towards our ultimate goal. 

Seek Out Help for the Hard Stuff

We can’t do difficult things on our own. Many people think they know the answer themselves, however, if we did, we wouldn’t have the issues we do. Let somebody help that has experience in the field. We as CrossFit coaches understand how to lay out the stepping stones to achieve success, and do it in a way that it is constantly fun and engaging. We love to see your success, and we want you to see it too, as small as it may be on the daily. Let us help and you watch how your journey changes.

Don’t Quit Hard Things

There is nothing easy about trying to change your life and habits. It's hard. We settle into comfort zone, and love to stay there because it is well, comfortable. Don’t quit when things get hard. Instead embrace the difficulty and celebrate how badass you are for doing it. That is right, you are a badass for doing the hard things daily. Look at yourself in the mirror after a hard workout and tell yourself just that. You are doing things most people are not, and for that you are truly a badass.

It is easy to quit when things get hard. Nothing in life worth having is easy. Embrace the difficulty, celebrate small success, and seek out help along the way, and I promise you, you will change your life faster than you ever expected!

CrossFit is Hard. So is everything else. Don't Give Up Easily.

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