Monthly Mindset - "Find Your WHY and Never Let Go"

Monthly Mindset - "Find Your WHY and Never Let Go"

This month’s “Monthly Mindset” is going to cover your why, and never losing sight of your north star. I went back and forth on the topic this month because I usually don’t like writing about a topic unless I am intensely motivated by a certain topic based on my experiences in the past month. I absolutely love talking about something that is burning a fire in my soul at the current moment, and your “WHY” is it.

I recently did an exercise this past month with one of my mentors where it asked the question of why I started doing what I am doing. Now the exercise is called the “5 why’s” and basically the point is to ask yourself the questions “why” 5 different times to really get to the root of why you started and believe what you do. This is a very difficult exercise mentally. Your brain will do everything that it can to let your ego answer instead of your soul, and often it takes a few different times, with a few different ways of restructuring the question to get to where you want to be. When I did this exercise for the last time, it was the first time I did it just about on point correctly. I was told if your answers start to spark an emotional reaction, you are on the right path.

So why am I talking about this topic this week? Well, recently with things in the world starting to shift, I have found it very important for myself to continue to follow my north star day in and day out.

We all started this journey for ourselves because we wanted something better. Nobody came into the gym the first day for absolutely zero reason. Maybe that reason you still have not been able to admit to yourself, but deep down in your soul that “5th why” lives, and is the fuel you need to live to the potential you want for yourself. Once you find it never let it go.

Now as difficult as finding your true why is, it is equally, if not more difficult to let your why guide you on your journey. The world today has so many negative influences. Unfortunately, that is just the way it is when society is driven in most cases by money and not morals, but we have a choice. Yes, we have a choice to follow our own path and be the exact person we want to be and live our “why.”

My message today is to never lose sight of your why, no matter how difficult it may be. There is an old country song (yes country everybody! Yee – freakin’ – haw) that says “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” and if you hate country music, it was actually originally said by Alexander Hamilton. But the message there is to stand strong on your “why” and what you believe to be the best for you, and I believe that is the true key to your unique individuality. Every person on this earth is unique. Being unique is what makes us so cool. So be you! Society today will try to deter you from your “why” and steer you towards somebody else’s why, or what society deems the correct “why,” but deep down in your heart and soul, you know your own reasons, and letting those shine bright leads to a happy fulfilling life. Don’t ever let anybody tell you how to do something or something can’t be done, because that is bullshit. It can be done and you can be anybody you want to be. And that is f’ing AWESOME!

I challenge all of you to try this exercise, and try to find your “why.” Maybe it has to do with your fitness journey, maybe it has to do with a hobby, desire, or career that you started or fell off the path towards. Find the true reason why it is important to you, to the point where it triggers your soul in a unique way, and then never forget that. When you find that reason, go for it, no matter what you are up against. Money aside, influence aside, ability aside. Just do it and figure it out, because I promise you that journey, whether successful or the obstacles you face, will allow you to grow as a person you can be proud of.

In this short life, we don’t get that much time. We get caught up in the rat race. We let ourselves take care of other people first, before we take care of ourselves. The sooner you can find the thing that sets your soul on fire and the reason for it, the sooner you can get to a life of living, rather than living life. Now go out and find your why, hold it close to your heart and set the world on fire with it!

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