CrossFit and Motorcycles: Being Present

CrossFit and Motorcycles: Being Present

There are really two times in life that truly keep me grounded and present and that is in the middle of a CrossFit workout, and riding my motorcycle. 

In a world that is constantly connected and filled with shorter attention spans, it is harder and harder to be present in our own lives. 

Think about it, when was the last time you just sat and lived in that very moment. You more than likely can’t remember. 

We scroll through Instagram or Tik tok feeds, we check our Facebook notifications, we look at new emails, we respond to our text messages. Hell we even watch TV on our phones now. 

Our noses are always buried in some bit of content that is stimulating our brain, and the further we go the harder it is to live without it. 

But what happens when we continue to do this? We lose sight of reality and the world around us. 

Relationships start to go sour, motivation and discipline start to dwindle, and our natural desire to explore and learn is basically burned to ashes. 

I remember when I was younger and what it felt like to be bored. Being bored literally died with the early 2000s when access to information became so easy. 

But it was those times of being bored with your best friends and family those crazy memories were born. Or awesome ideas and plans were developed on your own. New desires and new adventures. 

Our need to self-resolve being bored rather than a cell phone made us truly human and built experiences that can only come organically.

Like it said earlier, the only time I really get these moments is in the middle of a workout and on my motorcycle, because I need to be fully present. In these moments you literally can’t pick up your phone and scroll, you can’t have your attention anywhere else but on the current task at hand. 

And you know what? They are the most relaxing, healing, and beneficial times in my life. 

Unfortunately, those are the only two times I can think of. 

With a growing business on hand, and other projects to be worked on, it is hard to find these moments of being absolutely present, but I am trying to get better at it. 

When you can see the benefit, it has to your mental and physical health you will understand that precious gift we lost to technology. 

But it doesn’t have to be lost. Strive to be present. In your own special ways. Everybody has different things that ignite them. 

Seek those out and truly live in the moment, and enjoy this special thing we call life. 

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