Blue Monday: Are You Achieving Your Goals for this Year?

Blue Monday: Are You Achieving Your Goals for this Year?

Something I recently learned is that this past Monday, the third Monday in January, is known as “Blue Monday.” The reason for this is we are finally in the middle of winter, the holidays are over so the cheer is lost, and typically by now any New Year’s Resolutions we had 3 weeks ago have fallen off, which gets us feeling down in the dumps. Basically, we are just trying to get through in hopes of better days. 

It is not too late though. I believe Blue Monday is title given to help people cope with the fact that things might not have gone the way they planned and that’s ok. But its only 3 weeks! We still have 49 weeks left in the year, so what is stopping us from getting started now?! The answer is nothing! 

In terms of our fitness goals, the number one reason why we fall off so early is we have such high expectations and become extremely motivated, but we lack any help or plan to get there. You buy a gym membership, you show up the first day and jump on a couple machines, walk around a little bit, and leave an hour or so later not really having accomplished much. 

This routine starts to become boring, and you decide one day I am going to skip today I have been doing good! One day turns into two days, three days, etc. and now we are here feeling like we let ourselves down. 

My number one recommendation in these situations is get some help! You need a coach, you need everything set up for you, and you need an environment that cares about your success. 

Get a Coach! 

Coaches are here to help you. They are fully invested in your success and understand the process that is needed to go from 0 to 100 in terms of your fitness and lifestyle. One thing that stays true, is you don’t know what you don’t know! Under the guidance of a coach you will be moving better, staying safer, and getting the workouts YOUR body needs. Coaches care about your success and they want to help, use them! 

Get a Program! 

Having a program to follow is critical. Trying to make up your workout on your own day in and day out will not sustain. You will repeat things too much, your body will plateau, and you will lack the variance needed to continue to see adaptation and results! We are busy enough as it is. Let someone else set up your program so that your fitness becomes something you don’t have to think about, you just have to show up! 

Environment Matters! 

If you have been in a standard gym and look around, everybody is doing their own thing, nobody really talks to each other, and most are in their own little bubble with their headphones on, because the music in there is really not that good anyways! This is not a motivating environment. When you surround yourself with people that possess the same goal as you, and the environment you are working out in is fun for the hour you are there, you are going to want to keep going back. Simply put, if it is fun, you will keep doing it, if it is boring, you won’t. 

All of these factors are what makes up a CrossFit gym. You have professional coaches always there to guide you and ready to help with any individual needs that may arise. The workouts are set each day to challenge you in new ways, allowing you to be quick, efficient and intentional with your time, and the environment is FUN! You have a community at your back pushing for your success, and we play good music! 

Get out of that Blue Monday rut, because it starts today and you are going to be so successful this year and achieve your goals! 

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