Washing Away the Intimidation of CrossFit

Washing Away the Intimidation of CrossFit

The overarching theme that I see in people who are waiting to make that change in their life is the fear and nervousness to try something new. The human body and mind LOVE comfort, and when things start to change, it will do anything it can to push an individual to revert back to that feeling and get away from the “danger.” That is science.

However, every single day, people force themselves out of their comfort zones to try something new. Our ancestors did it, which allowed us to evolve into the humans we are today, but also, many of our friends and family have done it, and have generated a more mobile, healthy, and fulfilling life, that they can not only enjoy themselves, but share with their parents, spouses, children, and grandchildren.

But why is it so hard to try something new like CrossFit? Well, from the outside, CrossFit looks like a bunch of crazy, in-shape, people throwing weights around, and moving as fast as they can. Yet, it is what you don’t see that makes CrossFit to unique and remarkable. Let me explain.

Those people that look “crazy” as they work out hard; those people were not always that person. Those people decided a change needed to be made, and tried something new. They all came from backgrounds of personal injury, immobility, obesity, chronic disease, poor mental health and genuinely unhealthy lifestyles. At one time those people had no idea how to lift a weight properly, inside or outside of the gym. They had no idea what they were capable of. They certainly felt like the outcast as they slowly held onto whatever courage they had to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new. Those people were just like you.

“Yeah, but I am so out of shape and I have these injuries, there is no way I can keep up with them and where they are now. It will be embarrassing!” Not true. That is your mind telling you to go back to comfort. Those people in the CrossFit box never forget where they were. They continue to work hard, day in and day out, to never go back to that hold way of living. They are confident, excited and willing… to help you! There is nothing more that the CrossFit community loves than to bring in someone new and introduce them to the program that has brought them so much life. The CrossFit community embraces the courage to walk through that door, and we will never let you down once you do.

“That is great, but regardless of the support of good people, I still can’t do what they do. I can’t even walk upstairs without getting out of breath, and everything hurts!” That is ok. Everything we do at CrossFit is infinitely scalable, and what that means is no matter what your fitness level, ability, mobility, and injury list looks like, we can give you the ability to move. We can allow you to move in the most basic patterns possible with low intensity as your body adjusts to the exercise. Nothing in this world comes to you immediately. We know it, and we continue to work at it and get better every day to push ourselves to our absolute best. Why? Because we were blessed with the gift of life and we deserve to take full advantage of our ability to live. Whether it is a young athlete or a person who deals with chronic pain and ailments, we can help. Maybe the athlete grabs some heavy barbell weight to squat and press over their head. They can work side by side with another person who sits down to a bench to stand up and press 5 lb. dumbbells over their head. The same movement patterns are being performed, at the intensity, that pertains to the individual person at that time, thus the same results are being achieved by both parties. Both parties appreciate each other, support each other, and want nothing but the best for each other. Both parties are working towards the same goal; to be the best person they can be.

So, you see, CrossFit may look intimidating from the outside looking in. Those feelings of discomfort and nervousness may push you away, ultimately seeking comfort. However, it is what lies within the walls of the CrossFit box that is so beautiful. It is so beautifully simple and accepting. We care, support, and push each other to be nothing short of the best version of ourselves. We believe you may not be there yet, but you are starting, just like we did, and that is what matters to us. You may not get it right away, but we will help. You may feel foolish, but we are so happy for you. You may be afraid to make that step in your life to make that ultimate change, but we know you can do it and we are here waiting for you to walk through that door.

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