Being a Coach: An In Depth Look at What Being a Coach Means to Me

Being a Coach: An In Depth Look at What Being a Coach Means to Me

Being a coach can mean many different things to different people, and can take the appearance in many different forms. A coach could be a friend, a babysitter, a mentor, someone you look up to, or someone you don’t want to listen to. That definition is defined by the coach and only that coach with how they approach and carry out their practice. For a long time, we looked at a CrossFit coach as someone who welcomes you, reads the WOD for the day does a quick demo and lets you get after it. A lot of the time this is sufficient to conduct a class. Not really much to it right? WRONG.

Being a coach to me is more than conducting a class. It is my true passion to help people and share the knowledge that I have gained, and continue to gain. I consider myself a constant and never-ending student of the practice. CrossFit to me changed my life. It helped me come out of my darkest moments. It helped me learn that no matter what your mind is telling you, you are never out of the fight. It has also allowed me to get to know my body to point that I never thought possible. I came from a long athletic background, and now after all these years I can finally look back and realize the important things I was never taught, such as mobility, technique, ability, and mindset. It has also taught me patience. Nothing comes easy. You have to work for it. All those years of doing things wrong with little direction, adapts your body to just that, and with the many years it took to adapt, it takes just as long to bring the body back to a state of proper movement and ability.

So, what does it mean to me to be a coach? It’s everything. I don’t want to conduct a class; I want to teach my athletes. I don’t want to be, nor am I, a babysitter, but I am a professional looking to make each and every individual better every time we are together, and getting them closer to their goals. Seeing progress in my athletes means the world to me, and that is why I wake up excited every day to get to do just that. It is the greatest blessing in the world.

It does not just end there though. As a coach I am here to guide you further than just on a fitness journey. I am here as a friend, a confidant, that person you can go to with anything that is bothering you. Health and fitness go far beyond the physical, but extends very deeply into the mental aspect as well. Getting your fitness in check is one thing, but a strong winning mindset will carry you through life in ways you never thought possible. It is possible to go out anywhere and find someone to “train” you, but what more are they doing than that? Through CrossFit I have learned to overcome and conquer many of life’s challenges and continue to do so every day through faith, hard work and perseverance. By doing that, I want the same for everyone that I have the pleasure of sharing this with.

With all that said, to me being a coach is my life and my profession. I want to help. I want you to ask questions. I want you to become the best version of yourself. Each individual is my sole priority.

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