Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson

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Hi, I'm Katie, I work as an estimating coordinator in construction and have been waitressing on the side for the last 4 years. I came across the gym back in 2020 one day while picking up my younger sister from CrossFit. Not really knowing what "CrossFit" was, I walked into the gym and was immediately welcomed with open arms. "So what do you guys do here?" From the sweat, smiles, and music I never wanted to join something quicker. Have fun while working out?! Never looked back. A pivotal moment arrived when I embraced CrossFit. I found a community that reshaped my purpose. The journey from personal gains to helping others was transformative. Given this new opportunity to do so, I could not say no. From the gym life beyond, my commitment extends to empowering others around me. CrossFit isn't just about my growth; it's about nurturing a community where everyone thrives. When life was tough, CrossFit lifted me up. It wasn't just exercise - it was my way out. It helped me find strength when I felt weak. It turned my life around. Crossfit showed me that even in hard times, I could find a way up. Witnessing the positive impact of support and encouragement within the community ignited a new passion - to uplift and motivate others. We sweat, struggle, and celebrate together.

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