Nick Martin

Nick Martin



CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I joined CrossFit Ares in April 2022 with the help of some much needed motivation from my lovely fiancé, Darby. We live over in Andover and have a baby boy due in December! So excited to be a dad! I’ve always felt very introverted and shy in my life, so the idea of joining a CrossFit gym was terrifying at first. However, I quickly fell in love with this community, and everything that it stands for. Coming off of over a decade in the restaurant industry and now my third year as a real estate agent, meeting and talking to people has always been more of a job. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a place I can truly be myself and meet great people!

Turning Point

I had picked up a lot of bad lifestyle habits from the years working in restaurants, and I took those bad habits into a much less active job as a real estate agent. Eventually I just reached a point where it was clear I was falling so far short of what I’m capable of, and I was letting down people who sees about me. I went into this gym with a singular goal of just being better than I was yesterday, but the journey has led me to accomplish things I sincerely thought I would never be capable of.

Motivation & Passion

One thing you learn pretty quickly in life is that absolutely everyone is going through something - life is full of stresses. But we always have a choice on how we respond to them. I spent a long time choosing to do all the wrong things when life got hard. Crossfit saved me from myself, and helped me not only improve my mental and physical health, it became infectious to see hard work pay off in this real tangible way, and even more infectious to celebrate the successes of those around you. I’m motivated by each and every person that walks through that door with the goal of bettering themselves. I want to help with that journey.

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