We believe in increasing our client’s experience, along with their quality of life and longevity. The amenities we offer at CrossFit Ares do just that. Developing a lifestyle that promotes over-all health and well-being often goes beyond just the exercise!
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Hybrid-AF 24 Hour Access

Never did we think we’d be a 24 hour access gym, but here we are!

We understand many of our members lead busy lives, especially being located so close to Boston.

Work, traffic, family life, all finds it’s way into our daily routines, but it shouldn’t be a reason to not stay as healthy as possible to best be present for the things that matter in life.

Through our HybridAF app, members can enjoy 24 hours access to the gym for a $20 add on to their reoccurring membership. *Applies to unlimited memberships only.

InBody Scanner

Being healthy and seeing progress lives a lot deeper than just the number on a scale.

With our InBody Scanner, we are able to see what is actually going on in our body for changes over time, and really track accurate progress data.

In a single scan, you can see weight, muscle mass, body fat%, and baseline calories your body needs to function.

All members receive free scans, anytime, to stay on top of the progress they are making along their journey.

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InFared Sauna (Coming Soon)

Wellness is a big part of living a healthy life, and that means taking care of recovery and feeling good.

The list of benefits from regular sauna sessions are long, and we wanted to make sure our members got to take advantage of that.

Our In-Fared Sauna from Clearlight is available to all members to use as they please.

Sauna Coming July 2023

Shower & Towel Service

A gym always needs a shower with the understanding their members want to come in, workout, and leave fresh, regardless if they are going to work or going home.

The worst part about showering at the gym is lugging around a towel from home that will eventually get wet. We hate that as much as you do, and are glad to offer clean towels as well!

In-House Partner Offerings

We love to bring products and companies we support whole heartedly to our members. If we don’t use it, we don’t bring it here.

Our partners are trusted and used by your Coaches, because we have tried them, have seen the benefit, and they continue to fuel our lives.

A few of our partners include:

  • Bare Performance Nutrition Supplements
  • Nutre Meal Plans
  • Kill Cliff Recovery
  • Atomic Coffee Roasters (Cold Brew on tap)
  • Bear Komplex Equipment

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